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Princess Diamond:  BCI

UPDATE: You will not understand the Video untill you read the Full Blog.    https://stonereptiles.wordpress.com/2016/08/03/retort-from-stone-2/

In 2005 I got a Special Call from a friend.   This was the most amazing Boa Constrictor I have ever laid my eyes on, and we quietly worked out negotiations to obtain the animal. I felt my princess Diamond project could be complete.  Since this time, very few people even knew of the existence, and a few US Breeders helped me keep my project quiet so I could establish it for breeding.    We do not believe the rumors of Sub Species that are attached as this is an EMPEROR PROJECT. A Boa Constrictor Imperator Project.

 Diamond is unique because this one of the few Exotic White Reptiles that has a Diamond shaped head without pits.  Unlike many of the White Exotic Reptiles, you will notice a big difference in the head.  Diamond has a Jet Black eye with a red pupil.   He also has a few scales of pigment through his body similar to many other white animals.   You can see all the muscles in the body because of the pure white skin and no pattern.   This is the most incredible snake I have ever seen. In all the years I have been breeding snakes, I have never worked with a Boa Constrictor as captivating as my male we call "Diamond". This was a once in a Lifetime opportunity for me as an avid collector.  I feel very fortunate to be able to work and produce babies from such a fascinating animal.

History: In 2009 we attempted to breed Male Diamond with No luck. He was just getting started with not much action to the females I selected, and we did not produce from him.   In 2010 we were very fortunate to be able to produce a handful of babies.  The babies are quite unique and very pretty.  They have a special look.  I would not show off the project until I felt secure with babies.  

There have been, rumors of different white animals.  I could only confirm one that was a beautiful BCC female in a foreign nation. There are two confirmed sightings, and both are different snakes according to eye witnesses.  Rio Animal by Globomundo, and a separate film crew has varified this.  I had great interest in the other Female Boa knowing that I had a male. However, I believe they would be incompatible, and the health and availability of that animal "female" was always in question.  BCI do not exist there. I have kept my eye out since 2006 and sorted through many animals that had different looks.  Up to this point, I have yet to see anything close, and I doubt I ever will. I have been able to identify genetic "Markers".  Aditional sightings of two white boas in Central America have been reported. Many have the same markings and Phenotype characteristics of this project. However,  I am confident breeders around the world will have to prove them to be compatible to make a Super Fire Diamond.  I felt they looked like Albinos.  They may or May not be a True Super Fire that is proven to be healthy into adulthood like the boa I refer to as "Diamond".  

In 2014 we did prove seperate, a Central American CA Fire Diamond to be compatible and genetic.   It was not linked to the Two I felt were albinos but had visual characteristic that are unique. We will refer to them as CA Fire Diamonds. This is why I can feel confident in saying that the Princess Diamond Project is here to stay.  (They are similar to the Tiger Boa, but you need to prove them compatible to call them CA Fire Diamonds)

AVAILABLITY: We will have limited availability in 2011, and we will release a few updates from time to time. Due to the rarity of Princess Diamond project.   In a few years I hope to travel and show people a live version of a “Princess Diamond” baby white Boa.  This is the best project I have ever worked with.  The PD project has helped me stay positive in a down Boa Market the past few years.   I have a strong passion in breeding for the ultimate Designer Boa Constrictor…  Contact us DIRECTLY, if you are interested in finding out more about the project availability list.

Name  Princess Diamond.  UPDATE:  2013:  Diamond was retired from Breeding in 2012 and will no longer produce any direct offspring. 
Why the name Princess Diamond for a white Boa?  The Name has personal meaning to our family and business.  We will refer to this project as the Princess Diamond Project. A  "white Snake female" Did pass away, and I can confirm this.   We also call the project "Princess Diamond ” out of respect.

 As of 2013, a male will be referred to as an  EMPEROR DIAMOND. The male you see here is named DIAMOND!! He is part of the Princess Diamond Project.  We will give another update in August of 2015 with a few Surprises. 

 A language barrier exists between many countries.  Some third world countries call any special snake a "COBRA", "PRINCESS", "QUEEN", or "KING"   etc.., regardless of the Sub species or Snake. The name Nascimento does not apply to this project. That story is one of the Rumors you may hear.   Henceforth, we kept the name "Princess"  as part of a project because I do like the name Princess Diamond for the project in general.  

I hope you enjoy the Diamond, a Super FIRE Boa.  A Female Super Fire Boa is "PRINCESS DIAMOND".  A Male is an "Emperor Diamond" Phenotypes will have a "FIRE DIAMOND" to the visual genetic maker.  This project has been proven to be genetic using BCI Bloodlines. We have never bred any BCC bloodlines to this lineage to see if they are also compatible.  There has been a BCC morph project that genetically acts similar to the hundreds of Morphs and Mutations in the BCI projects. The Mystery and genetic combinations are endless all over the World.  Enjoy the PRINCESS DIAMOND PROJECT! This is not a Genetic Recessive Project.

This is only one of many projects that we hope will revolutionize the Boa World. To end confusion with "possible Dominant" or "Pastel Dream" Boa constrictors that are reffered to as "PD", we will no longer use the term "PD".  This is only a special project to a few people.  We are talking about a snake that could NOT exist in the wild here.  This is only special to collectors of A PET SNAKE.  It helps prove the theory that Breeders use captive reproduction of animals that could not THRIVE in the wild. The Boa Constrictor is NOT an Invasive Species to to the United States of America, and the Diamond is a Classic example of this.  Imports are on the Decline, and we don't need the genetic intellect of other nations.  The Diamond Project is one we hold dear as an avid collector and breeder of the Best snake on the Planet.   THE BOA CONSTRICTOR!!!!   Never stop Believing in your Dreams......


Please contact us DIRECTLY and look for updates on the Blog.

Jeremy Stone Jeremy Stone
Owner of JSR inc. and Boaconstrictor.com. I have been very lucky in my life to be able to work in the field of my dreams but it isn’t easy. I have been working with Reptiles all my life, but professionally for only about 13 years. I love all Reptiles, but exotics are my favorite. I am working in and out of town on a few projects, and outside contracting. I have 3 boys, and a daughter, and an incredible wife. With Family life, Snakes, and work, there is little time for my hobbies. I love to Golf, travel, field collecting, Sports Center, keeping up in the news politically, and of course reptiles. I have a different style, but my job is to help make animals that people can appreciate like myself.
Josh Ketchum Josh Ketchum
Josh is the Manager of Sales and my right hand man. He is probably the most experienced keepers of Reptiles and other animals that I know. Reptiles were born in Josh, and like me, he has kept everything since his childhood. He has an incredible collection of breeder Boas, Balls, Bloods, and many other Lizards. Josh has been here for 7 years, and has helped me understand reptiles more. He and I have done a lot of work, and research, and we continue to do so, to help provide the best animals possible. Josh has successfully kept and bred many different species of Reptiles, and has helped me open my eyes to other things outside of just Balls and Boas. Josh is married with an adopted Boy that is 2 years old. He is one of the hardest workers I have met, and we also enjoy having a lot of fun doing what we do. Reptiles are Born and Bred into Josh…. He is a very rare breed…..
Destini Destini
Destini comes in 3 times a week to help maintain the collection. Destini is probably one of the coolest reptile girls you can get to know. She and her husband also keep a lot of Reptiles and, Destini has been working in the Pet industry all her life. Destini has 2 beautiful children, and she has been working here for quite a few years now. Sometimes she’s grumpy and she loves to text, but she gets stuff done….. Destini is classic. She loves good music, and she works hard.
Zack Zack
Here is another Crazy reptile person. Zack is one of a kind. I call him the Spider man. Zack has been studying wildlife research, and has actually worked with Texas A&M university doing field study for a couple weeks over the summer collecting data on spiders and scorpions. He loves to field collect, and has a gift when it comes to working with animals. He is smart and efficient, but just one of those guys that gets stuff done…. He has a lot of fun, but works hard at keeping the collection maintained. Since he is a little more of the Shy type, josh and I always stick the Bugs on him to go give him advice on the ladies.
Bugs the Volunteer Bugs the Volunteer

There are a few others that I’ll have to mention Later, like my Wife, Bugs, Mike, Ray, and many others that come and help at JSR inc.

Hope you enjoy our Staff……

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