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Bugs the Volunteer Video Section
I have known Bugs for about 18 years. He is probably the most interesting guy I know on this planet. Bugs helps out for about 3 hours a week so he can get his volunteer time, but bugs is not a paid employee.

He is always begging for a few more hours, but if you get to know the bugs, you’ll realize it is difficult to get stuff done when he comes around. He lightens things up, has his own language, and comes up with incredible one liners. He likes harassing everyone here when he comes, and we keep it fun.

If you ever go out Golfing with Bugs, you’ll score will be terrible. He can’t stop talking in your backswing… It is very hard to figure out Bugs. But when you get to know how different he is, you’ll find him funny….

Hope you enjoy Bugs and the Satire……….

Introduction to Bugs the Volunteer
Bugs the Volunteer Collection

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