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Meet The Staff
Jeremy Stone Jeremy Stone
Owner of JSR inc. and Boaconstrictor.com. I have been very lucky in my life to be able to work in the field of my dreams but it isn’t easy. I have been working with Reptiles all my life, but professionally for only about 13 years. I love all Reptiles, but exotics are my favorite. I am working in and out of town on a few projects, and outside contracting. I have 3 boys, and a daughter, and an incredible wife. With Family life, Snakes, and work, there is little time for my hobbies. I love to Golf, travel, field collecting, Sports Center, keeping up in the news politically, and of course reptiles. I have a different style, but my job is to help make animals that people can appreciate like myself.
Josh Ketchum Josh Ketchum
Josh is the Manager of Sales and my right hand man. He is probably the most experienced keepers of Reptiles and other animals that I know. Reptiles were born in Josh, and like me, he has kept everything since his childhood. He has an incredible collection of breeder Boas, Balls, Bloods, and many other Lizards. Josh has been here for 7 years, and has helped me understand reptiles more. He and I have done a lot of work, and research, and we continue to do so, to help provide the best animals possible. Josh has successfully kept and bred many different species of Reptiles, and has helped me open my eyes to other things outside of just Balls and Boas. Josh is married with an adopted Boy that is 2 years old. He is one of the hardest workers I have met, and we also enjoy having a lot of fun doing what we do. Reptiles are Born and Bred into Josh…. He is a very rare breed…..
Destini Destini
Destini comes in 3 times a week to help maintain the collection. Destini is probably one of the coolest reptile girls you can get to know. She and her husband also keep a lot of Reptiles and, Destini has been working in the Pet industry all her life. Destini has 2 beautiful children, and she has been working here for quite a few years now. Sometimes she’s grumpy and she loves to text, but she gets stuff done….. Destini is classic. She loves good music, and she works hard.
Zack Zack
Here is another Crazy reptile person. Zack is one of a kind. I call him the Spider man. Zack has been studying wildlife research, and has actually worked with Texas A&M university doing field study for a couple weeks over the summer collecting data on spiders and scorpions. He loves to field collect, and has a gift when it comes to working with animals. He is smart and efficient, but just one of those guys that gets stuff done…. He has a lot of fun, but works hard at keeping the collection maintained. Since he is a little more of the Shy type, josh and I always stick the Bugs on him to go give him advice on the ladies.
Bugs the Volunteer Bugs the Volunteer

There are a few others that I’ll have to mention Later, like my Wife, Bugs, Mike, Ray, and many others that come and help at JSR inc.

Hope you enjoy our Staff……
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