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Say NO to S373 !!

Stop S373
I’m Jeremy Stone owner of BoaConstrictor.com, and I’m asking for your help….

All responsible Pet and Reptile owners rights are in the works to be taken away…

The United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works has passed S373 AKA the Python Ban. An Amendment was rushed through to include Boa Constrictors and other Harmless Constrictors…

This step will move Innovation, Science, Business and Education 100 steps backwards.

I have included a list through my site and at the end of this post to show how you can contribute.

The United States Senate will take this to a full vote on the S373.
This is my story, and why I oppose S373.

This is my story, and why I oppose S373.

This Bill is an S373 is an economic and ecologic disaster in the making.

I want you to know that snakes are a sensitive subject. Many people don’t like them, and I respect that. This issue is a lot deeper than the fear of these harmless reptiles. This is not just about a simple reptile. It is about animal right ownership. Your tax dollars could be spent to provide millions of dollars to projects that are unscientific and flawed.

I believe it is our God-given responsibility to protect the planet and to keep our habitat safe. That is opinion stressed by thousands of people that keep reptiles as pets and for research.


The law does not make SOUND policy and the Enforcement of the law has not even been addressed. The scientific study that has been done to justify Boa Constrictors to be included into the bill by the USGS is fatally flawed and filled with Junk Science. 11 Professional Independent Scientists, and Herpetologists have read the report and found Fatal flaws in the Survey, and sent their report to Congress. Simply put they said this is not a bona-fide "scientific" paper that has gone through external peer review. I completely agree. I also agree this would be terrible economic and Wildlife Policy. Outside of the Special Interest Groups like the HSUS and PETA, we deserve MUCH more from our government.

Here is how this law would affect me and the people...

  1. There is absolutely no sound enforcement policy of the law. Millions of pet owners could actually be breaking the law without even knowing it.
  2. Thousands of new discoveries and independent research on these animals would be lost. Responsible keepers could no longer contribute to research, if this were to take effect. This is a STATE issue and not a FEDERAL issue. Many states have their own laws that keep the wildlife safe.
  3. Exotic veterinary care and research would be lost. I would no longer be able to send my animals to professional vets across the state lines for research or information on disease and prevention. This would hurt the whole Veterinary Exotic Community of professional vets, and caregivers.
  4. This bill would literally wipe out thousands of jobs by hard working responsible Americans who obey the law. Pet stores would be limited and held to laws not understood. Small animal sales and supplies would be effected. This would affect everyone in a small way.
  5. We support laws that protect our environment that make sound policy sense. This is absolutely a step BACKWARDS and not forwards. All animal and reptile owners should be responsible.


Now is the time to Act. We need all the phone calls, letters, and a strong grass roots campaign. This CAN be done, but we need to have EVERYONE play their part.

Please click the links below. This information gives you the Facts about what is going on. These organizations need money to help fight powerful lobby groups like PETA, and HSUS. We have made a format of flyers, and have put this up in all Local Pet Stores. You are more than welcome to print this out and INFORM all pet owners of the FACTS.

Please Donate to any of the Organizations if you can. www.boaconstrictor.com is not taking donations. We are continuing to do our scientific studies on Wild Type Boa Constrictors, and hope to have a few more years before writing our book.

I will post my letter to my senator. It is KEY that you try to meet with you Senator and let them know how this will affect you, and that the policy doesn’t make sense. Be Polite. Be Professional.

For people that sit around and do NOTHING, you’ll realize soon that you may be working for the people doing the sitting and the nothing.

IF YOU NEED ANY HELP WITH YOUR LETTERS, please contact us. We can put you in touch with the people who can help.

Jeremy Stone

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